For Sale in April 2021

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

We have lots of lovely flowering plants ready for market including;

  • Aquilegia 'Black Barlow', 'Ruby Port' & 'Green Apples'

  • Oxe-eye daisies

  • Purple Toadflax

  • Papaver 'Lauren's Grape'

  • White honesty

  • Wallflower 'red jep'

  • Geraniums

Most will be in flower in May/June and the bees love them all. We also have lots of other plants in the pipeline which will keep gardens blooming right through to the first frosts in October.

The plants have all been overwintered in the garden in Horley. They had a bit of protection from the harshest nights in an unheated poly tunnel. They have all been outside for the last few weeks (many of them even during April's unexpected snow!) so they are pretty tough little dudes. They will be very happy planted straight outside and will reward you quickly with flowers.

Check out our Plants section for further information on different varieties available now and shortly.

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